Welcome to FuRaiBo, Sawtelle’s izakaya/appetizer-style haven for fried and sautéed deliciousness. Kitty-corner from ROC and Tatsu, you’ll find a black and red fabric Noren covering their wood-paneled doors. Prepare yourself for some unique treats transforming your vision of Japanese cuisine. This is not the place you come for sushi… just a heads up. Come here with a plan to share everything with friends – you can always order more!

I have two favorite dishes which I fall in love with every visit:

1. Enoki & Scallop: a tender dish sautéed with butter and maybe Mirin, I’m not too sure. It’s delicately delicious. I am in love. Perhaps one of my favorite dishes ever.

2. Tori Pirikara: sweet and spicy chicken filet, served hot with bursts of flavor. It’s fried and saucey. If you love sauce… this is for you! If you’re not a “saucy person” – try the Tori Karaage, a marinated chicken filet, fried calamari-style, with a mayo-type dip.

Not apart of the top two heavenly dishes is my 3rd place choice, Kaibashira Fry: fried scallop with a dipping sauce similar to BBQ sauce’s flavor and consistency.

They are also famous for their chicken wings. Personally, I think they’re good but not meaty enough. The outer fried taste is salty, spicy, and has a flavor not found in Americanized chicken wings. Don’t expect the same experience as Wingstop or Buffalo Wild Wings. Hanpen cheese is interestingly fried — I’d try it if I was going with a big group but not essential. I’d be weary to recommend those two, although Yelpers seem to love them. I’d personally avoid their yakitori and beef dishes — didn’t enjoy these.

As for the ambiance: the seats are all wooden and there’s a slightly funky whiff once you walk in. Not sure why, but don’t let it scare you. Decent, busy service. It does get busy on a Friday night, but that goes for all the restaurants on Sawtelle during the weekend!


Tapas / Izakaya / Appetizer-styled food. Expect pitchers of beer too.  Definitely one of my favorite places, if you order the right dishes. Overall affordable, given the quality, location, and legit Japanese experience. Definitely get the Enoki & Scallop and Tori Pirikara dishes. You can thank me later.


FuRaiBo – Sawtelle / West LA
2049 Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025

t: (310)444-1432