Tatsu: Ramen with a Soul

My favorite Ramen restaurant on Sawtelle, thus far… and yes, that is an outrageous statement. Our friends at Tatsu know how to make the most comforting, spicy and garlicy bowl of ramen. You order all of your items on one of three iPads which are wall-mounted in the front. My favorite bowl is the Bold Ramen. Good god, it makes a Jewish boy like me crave this over Matzo Ball soup! Filled with garlic, spices, thin “top-ramen” styled noodles, a soft-boiled egg, green onions, (lots of spiciness, as I love… but you can choose if you want it mild or “Are You Insane?”) and choice of chicken, pork or tofu, with a 11 bold ingredients just in the broth!

Note: All of their ramen dishes come with a pork broth, so for all you kosher and halalians, this ain’t for you…. unless you want the Naked Ramen. But if you were even semi-serious about your dietary restrictions, you wouldn’t be here anyway. For those of you not huge “pork” lovers – this is the one dish to not worry about it. You’ll be in heaven within the first slurp.


Free valet parking. In same lot as Volcano Boba Tea and Gottsui. Just do it.


Tatsu: Ramen with a Soul
2123 Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025
t: (310) 684-2889