What is Sawtelle?

“Sawtelle” is commonly known as the neighborhood surrounding Sawtelle Blvd between Santa Monica Blvd and Olympic Blvd. This small, busy street runs parallel to the 405 and is filled with local restaurants and eateries, typically with a Japanese or Asian vibe. The area, sometimes known as Japantown, Little Osaka, or Little Tokyo of the Westside, has a history of Japanese influence. In the surrounding residential neighborhood, you’ll find Japanese-styled home architecture, churches, community centers. The real treat is walking down Sawtelle Blvd to explore the eclectic foodie options and cute speciality shops.

Sawtelle’s specialty is typically Japanese cuisine, although there are a handful of Taiwanese, Korean, and non-Asian unique restaurants and cafes for you to experience. All within a mile walk, choose between ramen, tsukemen, sushi, sashimi, okonomiyaki, izakaya, curries, bento boxes, homestyle Japanese cooking, Korean-style sausages, KBBQ, Korean soon tofu, Taiwanese soup dumplings, popcorn chicken, Asian-influenced burgers, and much much more. For dessert, try some bread pudding, boba, shaved ice, honey sweets, or chocolate indulgence.

Sawtelle Map

Map of Sawtelle Restaurant Row